About Haseltine Acre

Jeff and Darla Haseltine


I’m not going to be your hobby,” my wife said to me with a playfully stern face but with a growing twinkle in her eye. Her intention in this conversation was to light a fire under me and to begin planning with her what our next life adventure would be with a soon to be empty nest. That was the spring of 2008 and we new it wouldn’t be long before the Marine Corps bus would be taking away our youngest child to San Diego Marine Corps boot-camp. That conversation began a journey for both of us, and launched us both into an assortment of different hobbies. Starting with raising chickens, bee keeping, wine making, blacksmithing, bow making, food preservation, wood craft, web design and more.Pauls graduation at boot camp
When sharing all of our latest interests to friends and family, it was inevitable someone would ask, “How big is your farm?” Or, even more commonly they would ultimately ask “How many acres do you have?” We would laugh at the expected question and say in unison, “Just one,” while holding up our index fingerWith their eyes widening we enjoyed telling them about our little acre in Wyoming Minnesota where we had raised our three children and lived for over twenty years. We give all the glory to Christ and we are thankful for the many blessing the Lord had given us. We have learned over the many years how to be frugal and how to make the best of all that we have. With that being our normal practice and philosophy, we began – “Doing a lot with a little.” This soon became our motto and then our tag line for our soon to be business Haseltine Acre.First hives

Chris WeddingYears later, and after getting laid off of a job I had for 20 years because of a company acquisition, we felt the Lord leading us to move Northward, where we live now in Bemidji Minnesota. Considered foolish by our friends and family for leaving two of our children and their budding families, we had even more time to grow our small business. Our most recent endeavor has been to attend regional and interstate craft shows. These shows have been and encouragement as others are beginning to catch our vision and enjoy the fruits of our labor with re-purposed wood crafts, preserves, honey and whatever else may present itself as we experiment with new things all the time.

Maple SyrupingWhat I left out of my opening paragraph in response to my wife’s chiding statement (“I’m not going to be your hobby”), is what I said to her in response. I said with a laugh, “Oh yes you are!” As you can see it is my intent to do a lot with a little even in our marriage. It is our desire that God would bless you and our hope you would enjoy our website and products. This website is very much like a living thing, so check back and see the new things we have added to our plate.

Jeff and Darla Haseltine